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Routes in DOLOMITES           

This is a self- built site containing various sketches, pictures and a detailed description of some of the routes I have repeated in my 40-year climbing career, from 1964 to 2004.

You can find over 3,000 photos, 150 climbing routes, around 400 sketches and over 300 course routes for alpine routes and crags/cliffs (See Sections  Routes in DOLOMITES  and  Miscellaneous Routes) 

In the CLIFFS section, you can find the sketches of the cliffs/crags I have climbed, along with my remarks.

The MOUNTAINS section contains panoramic picture of over-4,000 mt. high Italian mountains and more.

The EQUIPPED PATHS section includes a description of some recommendable equipped path routes.

The NOTES section includes important information about the routes’ grades, my profile (biography and information about my climbing activity) and an explanation of the layout of my website.

The F.A.Q section is designed to help beginners find an answer to their most common questions concerning all aspects of the climbing activity.

The FUTURE ROUTES section includes the routes (beyond 300) which I wanted to explore but did not manage to, due to lack of time or opportunities. Now, sadly, it is too late for me to climb them, so this wants to be a spur for you to try climbing these routes and to send me photos (preferably hi-res) which I will publish in this section.

In the DIDACTIC (LEARNING THE BASICS) section you will find sketches of various important knots, examples of progression on rope and of belaying and pulley procedures.

The NEWS section will be updated with relevant articles any time they should appear.

My aim with this website is to publish my own photos, my documents and my remarks and impressions, because I want to keep track of what I have done and learnt over the years. I really hope that fans of climbing will find this useful and interesting.

I am now 68 years old, and due to my age and some health problems I have had to give up “serious” climbing as I can only do minor things, but I don’t want to give up climbing completely until I have some strength to climb and until my spirit and my passion for climbing fade away!

I am no professional climber, just a keen amateur and I have always tried –and somehow managed- to strike a balance between my everyday life (family of course, and a job in a factory) and my passion for climbing, to which I used to devote part of my weekends and my holidays.

Most of the routes I have included in this selection are in the Dolomites, the place I have loved and I still love the most. The Dolomites are definitely the mountains where I felt the biggest joy, the most overwhelming emotions and where I have had the most adventurous experiences. Even though it’s now far away in time, my memories are still vivid and they surface every time I look at the pictures, and I can still remember the slightest details. This revives my emotions, the fear, the anxiety, the pride and the joy of a deserved victory, a joy which definitely erases all the hard work and the risk behind it.

This is a personal website which I have created for fans of climbing; you can find routes of various levels of difficulty, from medium to medium-high to high difficulty ones.

Beginners can start from the easier routes and gradually try the more difficult ones, whilst more expert climbers have the opportunity to choose the routes on the basis of the images I have published. The photos are supposed to give the potential climber a rough idea of what landscape the route is located, the natural beauty and, in my opinion, of the work and safety measures required.

With this website I also want to pay tribute to my fellow climbers, who have often significantly impacted the positive outcome of our ascensions, and particularly to the leaders of the groups who lead us in the ascensions when I was second on the rope.

My warmest and most sincere thanks go out to all of you for the wonderful, exciting and unforgettable days we have had the chance to spend together.


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